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Wedding website

A wedding website may seem luxury, but nowadays that evolution of technology and the value of information outweighs, it is a modern solution, so you can display all the necessary information, in advance, for your wedding!

If your guests are coming from far away, you can recommend a place to stay, add the appropriate directions, photos and contact details.

You can also give a short report on how to make the whole process of marriage, as well as details about the bridesmaids, best man and other important persons in the wedding.
Your guests will be able to reply to your invitations using your website, and even write your wishes and comments.


Besides saving time and effort and smart alternative mode of information / announcement of your wedding, you can have a very nice presentation for a special and unique moment of your life, your wedding!

So pioneer and make your guests be surprised!
Please note that this is a pre-announcement of the event, before they reach the invitations to their doors!

Your website will not only be an innovative and effective solution in terms of time but also a very good way to share the most important overview of your life, before marriage, through oblations!

It's also a great way to share any information you want, those who fail to attend for any reason (photos and videos). 


You can have your website anytime you want before you send the wedding invitations (!) so you can include the link address of your website.
Just send us the text and photos and leave the rest to us!


Wedding Website includes:

  • Full presentation of the couple
  • Significant events from the life of the bride and the groom
  • Brief presentation of the best men & the maid of honor
  • Impressive photo gallery
  • Countdown until the start of the wedding
  • Contact Form
  • Wish book of your guests
  • Impressive custom template design
  • Interactive map and information about the church or the estate location
  • Wish list with bank accounts

How long will the site be available

As long as you wish by renewing your hosting package (cost/year) and your domain name (cost/2 years) by the time you make the purchase of the current provider.




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