Hello and welcome to my Fantasy World!

I was born in the northen suberbs of Athens (Greece), on the beautiful town named “Amarousion” on November 15, 1986.

I had the pleasure of having a very creative and full time of fun, drawing and playing always with a fantasy theme. I spent endless hours drawing fantasy creatures, weird concepts and any thought imprinting them on paper with regular and color pencils.

My studies were very important for me claiming a Master’s Degree on Information Technology from the Hellenic American University of New Hampshire and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Middlesex University of London.

I earned a lot of experience working for many years on several companies working on Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Printing and Digital Marketing and the last years I’m working as Freelance Graphic & Web Designer and Illustrator.

I’m also Applied Arts Educator & LRN Tutor at IEK DELTA360 in Chania, Crete – Greece

I design and illustrate prints, cards and coloring bookmarks, coloring pages, original illustrated artworks and more. I invite you to visit my Etsy store where you will find all these items.

You can also find my fantasy art visiting my personal eshop Sentouki.gr

I hope you like my work as much as I enjoy creating.

Thank you for your visit!


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Enjoy the calming effect of coloring with this magical Free Color Page

Enjoy the calming effect of coloring with this magical Free Color Page

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Fantasy Artist Panagiotis Theofilopoulos Bio PictureHi, I’m Panagiotis Theofilopoulos (or just Panos for your convenience). I’m a freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer with a passion for fantasy illustration. I love creating handmade fantasy illustrations including fairies, goblins, elves, mythical creatures, and design coloring pages.  I live in Greece but I will soon move to the USA with my fiancee. Ι love Mother Nature, fantasy movies/ series, and anything related to fantasy. Thanks for visiting my site! Learn More About Panagiotis