Welcome to my Portrait Gallery

Would you like to see yourself as a fantastic being or perhaps make a different gift to someone special? I will be delighted to make that dream come true. For this you only have to read my conditions and contact me:

* I only do portraits of 1 person at a time.

  • The order must be made at least two months before the end date stipulated by the client. I do not accept last minute orders or with less than two months to complete them.
  • The prices will be provided privately and will depend on the complexity of the order, for this you can send me an email to:
  • The price of the portraits includes the sketches, the costs of certified shipping and the digitization of the order in high quality, with its subsequent sending by email to the client.
  • Paypal payment only (for portraits)
  • Payment will be made in two parts: 50% before starting the portrait and the other 50% at the end of the portrait and before sending it by post. I will not start working until the first deposit has been made.
  • I will email the portrait process.
  • IMPORTANT: I ​​will need a high-resolution, high-quality photograph of the person to be portrayed, in which the details can be seen well, with good light and focused. I will not accept the order if the photograph is of poor quality or I consider that it is not good enough to make the portrait.

Below you can see some examples of the portraits I have made.


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